Vincisgrassi are a typical dish from Ancona and Marche. They are like a variant of the tasty baked pasta.

Thanks largely to the renowned talent in the kitchen of the Italian grandmothers, vincisgrassi are a staple of the culinary culture of Ancona and Marche; a “must have” for all the festively laid tables in the Doric province. They also boast a curious story that has its roots in the late ‘700.


In 1799, in fact, the austrian general Windisch Graetz was stationed in Ancona and after a fierce battle that saw him victorious over the French, he was celebrated with this innovative dish.

Thus were born, in his honor, the Vincisgrassi.

Vincisgrassi recipe: how we eat them in Ancona

Mix 350 gr. of mixed flour with 150 gr. of semolina, add 30 gr. of melted butter, 3 eggs, 1 cup of Marsala wine and a pinch of salt.

The dough should be well kneaded and the sheet very thin, it should be cut into strips of about 10 cm width and a length as the pan in which they will be placed.

Boil them and halfway through cooking, drain them and pass them under running water.
Then dry them and lay them on a towel.

Immediately after prepare the sauce with 50 gr. of butter, 40 gr. of flour, half a liter of milk, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Now prepare the “ragù” sauce. Chop 150 gr. of lard or bacon and put them to fry in a pan with olive oil and 50 gr. of butter. Then add the chopped garlic, onion, celery and carrot and let it dry before adding the diced chicken giblets.

All must be well-seasoned and sometimes sprinkled with a little ‘of dry wine, which is then left to evaporate. Then add beef and ground pork and the vincisgrassi are ready to be eaten!

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