It is very easy to get here from Ancona; not even 40 minutes by car and you will be ready to discover the beautiful Recanati.


Recanati and Giacomo Leopardi

If we say Recanati what immediately comes to mind is Giacomo Leopardi.

Giacomo, in fact, was born here in 1798 and he grew up studying the many volumes that the father Monaldo collected with passion.

It is here that he wrote the most famous A Silvia, Il Passero Solitario, Il Sabato del Villaggio and also Le Ricordanze.

Besides these, many of the poems of Giacomo, who captivated the minds and hearts, were born precisely through the streets of this city.

And so the first thing to visit here can only be Palazzo Leopardi (Leopardi Palace).

This palace was built in 1700 and today it overlooks the Sabato del Villaggio square. The first floor is currently fully occupied by the magnificent Library of Leopardi.

Here you will see more than 20,000 volumes, most of which are collected and sorted with care and dedication by Monaldo, father of the poet.

The rest of the building is still inhabited by the Leopardi family. Near the palace, you will find the National Center Leopardi Studies, which collects and preserves the cultural memory of the poet.

Continue walking for Recanati until Piazza Leopardi (Leopardi Square), where there is a monument dedicated to Giacomo and the Town Hall, both inaugurated in 1898.

To visit then there is the Town Hall. It was built on the project of Pietro Collina and now it houses both the Municipal Gallery and the museum dedicated to Beniamino Gigli, considered along with Caruso, one of the greatest tenors of the twentieth century.

A curiosity for opera lovers: in Montarice, not far from here, is the villa of Beniamino Gigli, considered one of the finest historic homes in the area.
You can visit the Passero Solitario Tower, belonging to the convent of St. Augustine Church, dating from the thirteenth century.

Also worth seeing is the Church of San Vito, whose façade was damaged by the earthquake of 1741 and was rebuilt in brick with spiral columns bichromate, designed by Luigi Vanvitelli.

Treat yourself, then, a walk on the “Hill of Infinity” (its official name is Mount Tabor) and with the Leopardi’s verses in mind, contemplate the moon and the nature and relax admiring the beautiful view enjoyed from here.

Recanati is a jewel of history, landscapes and poetry.

Walking through its streets you can hear playing the fame and the poetry of the great Giacomo who here was born and he composed some of his famous works and you will love it!

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