Opera Nova Della Marca

Opera Nova della Marca is the perfect place to discover good food and the authentic taste of Marche.

The restaurant is in Varano, a suburb between Ancona and Portonovo, deep in the countryside.

An intimate place, perfect for your romantic dinner, Opera Nova della Marca is able also to accomodate small ceremonies.

In summer, you will be received in the garden to enjoy delicious pasta and local meat with fine wines and handicraft beer.

Menù often changes, respecting the seasonability of products, all to Km 0 or own production.

Our favourite dishes here are: hand cut ham with melon ice cream and ciavattoni with eggs and spaccasassi.

All you have to do is booking ….

This is their italian website.

Opera Nova Della Marca is …

– tradition
– taste
– hospitality

Opera Nova dell Marca

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