National Archaeological Museum of Marche

The National Archaeological Museum of Marche in Ancona collects a vast collection of archaeological finds of great value.

A walk through 300,000 years of history to discover the distant civilizations who have given life to our city and to learn more about our direct ancestors.

National-Archaeologicael-Museum-of-MarcheNational Archaeological Museum of Marche: what to see

The halls, from 2 to 9, house the memories of the Prehistoric age.

Here you will find terracotta vases and objects related to agricultural life of the Neolithic, but also metallic points and axes of the Copper Age and daggers from the Bronze Age.

At the heart of these rooms the Venus of Frasassi is preserved: this small statuette concentrates tastes and traditions of the Palaeolithic era in just eight centimenters, a very rare example as there exist only ten statues of the Palaeolithic Venus in Italy.

The following rooms tell the story of the Piceno civilization with statues, vases and jewellery of the everyday life.

This civilization was so important for this land that the green woodpecker, a symbol of the Piceno, is still the official image of the emblem of the Marche Region. There are also antique swords, gold items and typical torques from the Gallic civilization.

Continuing the walk you will see all the artefacts found in the Hellenistic Necropolis, Ἀγκών, the Doric colony of Ancona, that tell us how our cities and Greece were very close at that times.

In the last halls, dedicated to the Roman art, you will see a reconstruction of what was the Temple of Venus, on the remains of what stands now the Cathedral of Ancona and a true copy of the gilded bronze from Cartoceto that were exhibited here until 1988.

Treat yourself to a visit to this museum which is located in the elegant Palace Ferretti: this secular building, with wide staircases and beautiful windows overlooking the sea and the city, will welcome you to discover the history of those who lived here before us.


From Tuesday to Sunday 08.30-19.30.


Standard ticket:  4 €

Reduced ticket:  2 €, 18-25 years

Free Entrance: under 18 years and for all visitors every first Sunday of the month.

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