Conero beaches are surely among the most beautiful of the whole Adriatic coast. There is something for all tastes: sandy, pebble, white pebble, with bathing establishments and restaurants, free and wild, easily reachable or at the bottom of steep paths.

If you are reading this page it is probably because you are planning to spend your holidays in the Conero Riviera and you want to find out what are the best beaches to visit.

Well, you have just arrived in the right place! Let’s discover together what are some of the most beautiful beaches of the Conero Riviera.

What follows is not the classic and simple list of the beaches that exist, there are probably many articles about it around the web. Here you will find only those beaches where we usually go, those beaches that you can not really miss during your stay in Conero Riviera.


Do you like to be comfortable on a lounger and under the umbrella’s shade? Do you prefer to be alone surrounded by the green of nature with the sound of the sea to keep you company? Are you looking for a beach suitable for your children? Here below there are the beaches that you should definitely enjoy.


Probably during your vacation you will stay in the area of Sirolo and Numana.

It is from here that we leave, with Monte Conero behind us, the blue and fragrant sea ahead and the feeling of being in a wonderful place that becomes almost a physical sensation.

Sassi Neri Beach is all these things. The ideal place to spend a relaxing day kissed by the warm sunshine and very far from any worries.

Do you necessarily have to rent an umbrella and a lounger? Absolutely no. This stretch of beach is free. If you prefer comfort, you will find it by moving towards San Michele Beach where there are snack bars, food, shade and everything you need.

The name of this beach comes from the blacks big stones immersed in the water that are located down the beach, you can also reach them by a short walk.

Sassi Neri Beach is rather long and it consists of pebbles and sand, so perfect to sunbath. A towel and a small umbrella for shade … what could be better?


How to get to Sassi Neri Beach? There are some ways.

You should know, indeed, that the street that reaches the beach is closed from early June to mid September. Out of season there is no problem, during the summer instead you have to find an alternative route.

The first option is to reach the beach by walk through the little park in Sirolo, a beautiful way through the green gardens …. on the way back, however there is a fairly steep climb. Nothing too challenging, but we prefer to warn you before.

Another alternative is to take the bus from the Town Hall of Sirolo or to get up to the bar that closes the street and from there to take the minivan that makes rides all the day. If you take a lounger, the ticket is free.


There are two parking, both for a fee. One in front of the cemetery of Sirolo (near the bar) and the other in front of the Town Hall.


A little further on along this stretch of coast, there is the magnificent Due Sorelle Beach. We suggest you to rent a kayak and to reach it by sea.

In about twenty minutes you will find yourself in a very magic place.

If you want to know more about it, we wrote an article dedicated to the icon of the Conero Riviera: Due Sorelle Beach.


Here we are in the bay par excellence of Ancona: Portonovo. We grew up playing on these beaches so we are probably a bit biased, but honestly there are few places that are so beautiful.

The wild green of the Monte that sheer dives into the blue and fragrant water creates a truly spectacular landscape. The bay is divided into two parts, both sides are particularly beautiful so you can not really go wrong. On the side of the “Molo” near the snack bar called Ramona there is a free beach.

On the side of the “Capannina”, keep going walking you will reach another stretch of beach free and very wild: the Vela Beach. This place is so called from the name of a big “sail-shaped” rock. About 4/5 meters high, you will probably see many kids dive from the “steps” of the Vela.

We warn you that the place is beautiful but there is no sand, here there are large pebbles … lie down might be a bit uncomfortable!

Otherwise, the Portonovo bay is equipped with facilities, snack bars and restaurants.


You can easily reach Portonovo beaches by car along the provincial road of Conero. If you are in Numana or Sirolo area you have to go north towards Ancona.

Once at the top of Portonovo, you will end up in front of a roundabout, you simply have to take the road down to the beaches.


You can park in the parking lots near the beaches or before going down with the car, near the roundabout at the top of the junction of Portonovo, there is a parking with daily fee. From here you can take the free shuttle bus that comes up to the square near the beaches.


Try to come during the week, so you will have a way to enjoy the real charm of Portonovo. And if you are lucky enough to be in the area out of season,  as in May, early June or September and there is a beautiful sunny day … you hit the jackpot!


This is probably our favorite beach. Long, free and wild.

For many people Mezzavalle beach is a way of living the summer: carefree and with the desire to stay in close contact with nature.

There are no kind of facilities here. You will find only a restaurant where you can have breakfast and lunch. Sometimes it is also open for dinner, but if you want to try it, we recommend you to call first.

Do you like to play beach volleyball? Here there are two “homemade” playgrounds ?


How to get to Mezzavalle? If you are driving and you come from Sirolo and Numana, Mezzavalle is located just after the junction of Portonovo, just before, instead, if you come from Ancona. You will see a small parking ground and the beginning of a steep narrow road. From here it begins the path that reaches the beach.

If you come from Ancona there is the bus n. 94 that stops right in front of Mezzavalle parking.


At the beginning of the dirt road there is a free ground parking. It is not very big and during summer days it is very easily filled. In front of this there is also another toll parking.


Bring a beach umbrella or cloths to shade. In this beach you will see many makeshift houses made with towels, sheets and sticks.

Until after lunch there is no trace of shade on the beach: the sun, in fact, rises right on the sea in front of you: the very early morning, this beach is an unforgettable sight!


Are you travelling with children?

Nothing will prevent you from enjoying these places, but you certainly will need a little bit more organization.

There surely are more accessible and equipped beaches than others. Do you want to park and in a walking distance being at the beach under an umbrella and lying in a comfortable lounger? Do you want to eat fresh seafood at a good restaurant directly on the beach?

Then the place for you is definitely Marcelli! Here you will find everything you need for your children. There are also plenty of accommodation including hotels, B&Bs and campsites where you can sleep a few steps from the sea.

If you want to know more about this place, read the article entirely dedicated to it: Marcelli.

Another option may be Palombina! We are not on Conero Riviera here, Palombina Beach, in fact, is located just north of Ancona.

This stretch of coast is much more similar to the sand beaches on the entire Adriatic coast: long beaches, equipped, with a sea of sand and quite a ways away from being called beautiful.

But … there is a but. In fact, this beach can be the perfect place to spend a different day than usual with little kids. Bucket and spade to build sandy castles, playgrounds and any kind of other games. The water here is very low indeed and then you can relax a bit more.


We hope we have been helpful with this article to plan your next holidays in the Conero Riviera. If you still have any doubt write us on our Facebook page, we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

And finally … we leave you with this beautiful video about Conero beaches seen from the sky from the ground and from the sea.

Enjoy it! ?


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