Cicerchiata is a typical cake by diffusion and production from the whole area of Marche region and in particular from Ancona.


Its origins also lie in the neighboring regions of Abruzzo and Umbria, but it is above all in Ancona that during the carnival festivities you will find this delicious cake in all the houses of the city.

Every year, in fact, the carnival week is not the same without being painted by this tasty cake, stuffed with honey and sugar of any color.

A delicious, easy prey to the hands of children who celebrate in all the squares of the city.

Cicerchiata is a cake made of flour, eggs, butter and liqueur with variants that include lemon juice.

From the dough are obtained balls of about one and a half centimeters in diameter that are fried in olive oil.

Once drained they are blended with each other in boiling honey, which once cooled acts as the glue and combines into one delicious sweet.

The final touch is given by colored sugar that spread over cicerchiata makes it ready for the carnival.

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