It is in this city between the sea and the hills that stands a unique museum of its kind: the International Accordion Museum. Castelfidardo is considered the homeland of this valuable musical instrument.

castelfidardo accordion

Castelfidardo and the International Accordion Museum

Right here in the nineteenth century a local craftsman developed an early prototype of the accordion, then intended to expand and to be appreciated throughout Italy.

If you like music, you love art or are simply curious, this is the place for you.

Through the 150 accordion models, including the biggest accordion in the world and others belonged to famous people, take a dip into the past discovering the elegance and excellence of Italian craftsmanship. The cost of the ticket is only 3 €.

Furthermore, you can visit the Marche National Monument by the sculptor Vito Pardo; this exists to remind of one of the final events of the Italian Risorgimento, the Battle of Castelfidardo.

Here, the Piedmontese troops clashed with those of the Papal States, leading to annexation of Marche and Umbria to the Kingdom of Italy.

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