From the Calamo’s Fountain the water gushes from the open mouths of the 13 fauns and satyrs which with their sly look, curly hair and pointed ears seem almost laughing to the people who walk by here.

calamo fountainThis is the Calamo’s Fountain (from latin calamus which means, precisely, cane) but known by all as the Fontana delle Tredici Cannelle located here since Ancona, or better Ankon, was still a Greek colony.

The fountain was destroyed in early 1500 and it was rebuilt in 1560 on the project of the architect of the facade of the Loggia dei Mercanti, Pellegrino Tibaldi.

The fauns and satyrs, twelve bronze and one of white stone in the center, were embedded in the medieval city walls.

They spewed water contained in a large cistern which today can be visited only in some special occasions.

Passed out here and look at these thirteen masks in the eye: you will find that each has a different expression from the other.

And then, if you want, stop at one of the tables outside in this small square for a leisurely lunch or a drink (aperitif).

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